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At Resonate Speech Pathology we strive to provide client-centred and evidence-based services, assisting you to achieve your goals. Working in close collaboration with you and your other health providers, our aim is to help you reach your maximum potential and improve or maintain your quality of life.

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The services we provide:

Adult and child voice assessment and therapy

Transgender and Non-binary voice training

Adult swallowing assessment and therapy

Adult communication (language and speech) assessment and therapy

Training in voice for schools, workplaces and other private practices


Dr Cath Gregory is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist and member of Speech Pathology Australia.

She completed a Master in Speech Pathology with 1st class honours in 2011. Since then she has worked as a clinical speech pathologist and clinical educator in both private practice and in several hospitals across New South Wales, providing evidence-based assessment and management of voice, swallowing, and communication to outpatients, acute inpatients and nursing homes. Her experience includes providing communication assistive technology assessment and training within a multidisciplinary Motor Neurone Disease clinic. Currently a lecturer and clinical educator at the University of Technology Sydney, Cath has a special clinical passion in voice and swallowing. Her research interest is in functional neurological communication and swallowing disorders, with a current focus on differential diagnosis of functional voice disorders. With a PhD in Neurophysiology from Imperial College London and postdoctoral ARC fellowship, Cath was awarded “Australian Biophysicist of the Year” by the Australian Biophysical Society in 2006 prior to a change in career.


  • Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist. Member of Speech Pathology Australia (2009– current)
  • Member of the Australian Voice Association (2014 – current)
  • Member of the Laryngology Society (2014 – current)
  • Member of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (2018 – current)
  • Member of the Australian and New Zealand Professional Association for Transgender Health (2019-current)
  • LSVT certified. Trained in Voicecraft, LMRVT, Casper-Stone Confidential Flow voice.


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